ShipIt Day presentation after six years

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I gave a talk about Ambientia’s ShipIt Day experiences last week to a Finnish public sector organisation. The last time I gave the same speech was about six years ago. To me, it was a bit frightening how well I remembered the presentation without any practice. One of the reasons to speak to the organisation was that I should use only my previous material because I didn’t have the time to do any new. I just opened up the presentation and started to speak, and the talk went relatively well.

As always, I explained the basis of the ShipIt Days to the organisation. They loved the idea. Remember that the ShipIt Day formula has the four T’s of freedom: task, time, technique, and team. For a public organisation, most freedoms are just hilarious. The employees have never had such freedom to choose what to do. Never. They have a tightly controlled quality system that they are forced to use because of the field.

See, this is the presentation that I did.

Introduction to FedEx Days 2018-12-05 (HS)

The presentation was called Introduction to the ShipIt Days. It holds the ideas and practices we used to have at Ambientia. I think that the slides are still quite a good roadmap of how to start ShipIt Days or a similar endeavour in an organisation.

After the talk, there was an intense discussion on how to implement the ShipIt Day idea within their organisation. It was thrilling to see that they could launch such an effort based on the idea. The organisation has a fixed budget-based funding, so there should not be any problem if they lose billable time during the ShipIt Days. Therefore, I’m quite optimistic that they will try the ShipIt Days approach.

The idea of ShipIt Days is still completely valid. How could you implement it in your organisation?