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Diary-like blog posts about the ShipIt Days

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A couple of months ago, Ambientia’s marketing team decided that our blog should be incorporated into the website of the company. Old blog content was not going to be transferred to the new site. From a company perspective, it was a natural decision to take. Controversially for me, it was an uncomfortable moment personally, because my old ShipIt Day posts were still somehow valuable for myself. Therefore, I scavenged the texts from my old files and decided to open this blog for the archiving purpose of my early writings.

In a marketing sense, a blog post is just food for Google. Most of the texts aren’t even read if the title of the post isn’t compelling enough. Also, one should be able to crank out a blog post in an hour and move on to other tasks at work after that. If one is doing marketing with a blog post, the situation is so. Then again, if the purpose of the text is more personal, the writing is entirely valid even if there aren’t any readers.

The ShipIt Day blog posts have a certain diary-like existence for me. The ShipIt days that were organised at Ambientia between 2011 to 2015 were quite essential happenings for me. I invested the time and the effort to persuade the organisation to permit and then attend [sic] such an endeavour. Therefore, the posts document the situation at the time. Also, the posts are important to me.

Programmers often talk about how learning is one of the critical aspects of their jobs. They need and want to learn new ideas related to their profession regularly. For me, ShipIt Days had a similar purpose. Organising the days was a critical learning possibility. So, the posts are essential for me and are published on this blog today.