Ambientia´s FedEx Day VIII: Successfully Integrating Ambientia teams across Finland

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The eighth FedEx Day at Ambientia was a successfully orchestrated exercise in team integration. Our UX team in Turku may be quite small in number, but it’s definitely not small either in experience or in ego size. We have also got a talented programming team in Joensuu. – Therefore, we decided to import the guys from Ambientia´s Turku office over to Ambientia´s Joensuu office to let the two groups blend together.

The team from Turku started their day with quite a long train trip from the west coast to Joensuu. The teams have done a lot of remote work together, but on this occasion, it was time for them to share the same hot, sweaty office space and collaborate on ideas face to face…

The Turkuboende and their Macs on the move

One of the principles of a FedEx Day is that the team members are able to choose with whom they’d like to work. The guys from the different sites blended quite naturally into FedEx Day teams. One of the groups that were formed contained UX developers from both sites; that team was enhanced with programmers from Joensuu. At least one of the FedEx Day goals was apparently accomplished.

The output from Ambientia´s FedEx Day VIII contained the following projects:

  • A Model Logger Portlet with which to log and compare changes in a Liferay model
  • A layout for the Ultimate Functional Training Challenge site, to be announced later
  • An awesome ESB Tool script to add queues and services as one-liners to JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform
  • The concepting and implementation of an Awareness Feed to Ambientia’s upcoming website
  • The translation of XMLPortletFactory into Finnish and the contribution of the language files to the community and to our Liferay template
  • A new extremely simple Web Content Portlet

Lauri in action doing his FedEx Day presentation.

It is Midsummer’s Eve now in Finland and working life halts for a long weekend. I will leave the vote for the winner of FedEx Day VIII open on our Confluence and ditch IT stuff in favour of a bonfire. Thanks, guys! It was an excellent learning experience once again. Have a happy Juhannus!