FedEx Day VI: Playful mobile development

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Ambientia’s sixth FedEx Day took place at the Hämeenlinna site again. Two teams invented ideas which they had hacked together. Most of the participants were already seasoned FedEx Day gurus because they had participated in at least a couple of these events before. This time, we also have three interns working with us at the Hämeenlinna office. The interns got the chance to code with us at the event as well. As far as I’m concerned, participation in a FedEx Day is a great way to learn from more experienced programmers.

More teamwork

At the earlier FedEx Day sessions, the participants mostly were mostly engaged in solo efforts,”i.e. worked on individual efforts. They invented, coded and presented their work by themselves, on their own, rather than in teams. Now the structure is different. We basically have one relatively simple library application that will have three different interfaces: one for Android devices; one with Phonegap for multiple platforms; and one for the Web. In light of the intertwined nature of these projects, the guys felt it would be more conducive to creativity to assemble three teams all involved in related work. The idea of teamwork here makes excellent sense to me. After all, one of the original points/intentions of a FedEx Day was to allow the participants to select the most synergistically dynamic combination of teammates.

The projects of this 6th FedEx Day session were:

  • Using KML files with Google Maps in Liferay
  • Simple book reservation application as a Proof of Concept of the Play Framework
  • Mobile interface to the POC with Phonegap.
  • Ambientia’s Sonar environment tweaking
  • Kanban board development
  • Responsive design for a web site


This time, there were a couple of developers who wanted to skip the intensity of the FedEx Day exercises to devote their creativity to current work projects. I totally understand that rationale because, frankly, it is a godsend sometimes when a meeting gets cancelled. And indeed, this whole issue of how time is best spent emerged as one of the key topics covered at Ambientia’s 6th FedEx Day. In conclusion, at this event, the time was well spent for Ambientia staff whether they chose to strengthen their skills and inspire creativity in the workplace, or whether they decided more practically to address the real-life needs of our customers.

The Winner

The winning team was evident. The guys that worked with the simple book reservation application and PhoneGap got about 45 % of the votes. Therefore, they were awarded more project time to complete the work.

Thanks to all of the participants for the great work you did!