FedEx Day V: Joensuu Office rocking Ambientia

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Ambientia has five offices in Finland and one in Sweden and also a couple people working from their homes. Because of the distributed nature of Ambientia’s offices, we have decided to do FedEx Days one office at a time. This is new territory now! It was the very first time we organised a FedEx Day at our Joensuu office. It was the fifth time Ambientia was arranged a FedEx Day…

The significant projects the team in Joensuu has been based on Liferay for a while now. Therefore, it was quite natural that most of the ideas were related to Liferay also. Only one project associated with JBoss SOA Platform was able to resist the Liferay dominance. The developers at Joensuu are quite experienced. Therefore, the ideas were also reasonably advanced.

The projects were:

  • Liferay, Adding code generation scripts to Liferay development environment
  • Liferay, Improve Liferay’s Image Gallery to match Ambientia Content Manager’s features
  • JBoss SOA Platform, Expose monitoring interfaces to BaseN Platform
  • Liferay, Extending Alloy UI Tag library
  • Liferay, Templates Based on Responsive Design Principles

During the evening I saw really concentrated programmers focusing on their code. The guys even refused to eat away from the computers to maintain flow state. To me, that was a prime sign of dedication and one of the points of FedEx Days! Excellent!

The picture below is a bit shaky and stirred but I wanted to include it because it shows quite well the feeling during the FedEx Day presentations Friday:

Everybody at Ambientia can vote for the FedEx Day Winner via an online form. The Winner was evident because about one-third of the votes vent to Laura who did the Responsive Design Templates. Laura received a bottle of Bollinger and loads of fame about her work. See, it is easy to smile when posing as a winner: