FedEx Day problems fixed

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I wrote about the problems with FedEx Days around the second day we had over here. The issue has given me a lot of thought. I have been trying to device different rules and guidelines that would drive the benefits of our people and also benefits of the company. It seems that the solution is utmost simple. When people were thinking about the stuff they want to do during the FedEx Days I just asked if the ideas would be “something that Ambientia might be able to sell or benefit in future”. To me, it does not sound a too limiting rule…

Ideas for the next FedEx Day

Tomorrow is the next FedEx Day here. Here are some of the great ideas the guys are going to hack with.

  • An iOS app that connects to a content provider
  • A Jira archiving spike
  • An Instant messenger integration for Jira
  • An experimental Vaadin application

To me, it seems that the company’s and employees’ interest is well aligned with the above ideas. Excellent!

Three years in the dark

Eric suggested that he could work with a Jira archiving spike. He boasted how every client we have would be screaming to buy a license for such. He also said that he had had the idea for three years. Imagine, he had had the idea for three years! I was really astonished that we had never discussed the idea before. Still, it is hard for me to believe that we have had this limiting environment for new ideas.

Here is Eric full of energy explaining the four T’s of freedom during a FedEx Day:

Eric explains four T’s

Again, I am eager to see what the guys can deliver during a day of blatant hacking. Have fun!