Problems with FedEx Day

Henri Sora - - Categories: ShipIt Day - Keywords: ,

Our second FedEx Day is currently running. The team testing FedEx Day selected exciting ideas, and they are hacking with them as I write. Cool! I do not know if I am too narrow-minded or do I have two real problems with the FedEx Day concept… I honestly think that the team has generated loads of great ideas. There are bright ways how to improve 1) our own tools, 2) Confluence and 3) Liferay Portal.

When Ambientia was starting, we did a lot of our own tools and components and such. Then our company grew and maintaining our own tools took more and more time away from real customer-related billable work. Therefore, we wanted to purchase as much internal software packages as possible because most of the time it makes sense as a business decision. Now about 1/4 of the ideas are again about tools! These ideas should be in the programming tool shopping basket – not in our FedEx backlog!

FedEx Days works really well for Atlassian because they are a product company. All neat ideas will help their products. Contrary, Ambientia is a professional services company. We implement Atlassian’s and Liferay’s products for our customers. Again, about half of the ideas are about improving Liferay or Confluence. We just today received the honour to be an Atlassian Premier Partner but should we be this good partner? I think we should concentrate more on improving our own stuff – not Atlassian’s or Liferay’s platform.