First FexEx Day at Ambientia

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Lately, I have been pondering a lot about human motivation and the difficulty of being enthusiastic about work. As you all must know when you are grinding a project, you must do the sprint and nothing else. But what happens if you just know that you would have a great idea for something related but not allowed by the sprint scope? It usually is quite difficult to squeeze it into the sprint. Then the team and the client start a new sprint, and your exciting stuff is out again… So what happens? People do the exciting experiments during their free time, or the ideas will not happen at all.

I have modelled Atlassian for many of their methods and products. That is one of the reasons why Ambientia partnered with Atlassian in the first place. I have also modelled some of Mike’s ideas about management. Today we are combining the approaches. We will start our very first FedEx Day here at Ambientia! For now, it will be just a six-month experiment with one team, but it is a start.

Ok, I am a pointy-haired boss nowadays, but a remote hacker in me is knocking. So, I am also eager and full of interest to see what our guys can do in 24 hours of flow and blatant hacking during the FedEx Day…